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Yes, I know you do Marketing, but what do you actually do?!

Spies, research analysts and marketers… what do any of them actually do as a job?! Maybe we’ll never know… I’m pretty sure if I asked most of my friends or… <p> <a class="more-li...

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Do you ever question what you’re doing?

Do you ever question what you’re doing? I do, all the time. I question… 🤔 – Am in the right industry? 🤔 – Do I REALLY know what I’m doing?… <p> <a class="more-link&qu...

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A song for every time you’ve lost & every time you’ve won

I’m a big believer that there’s a song out there to suit whatever your mood, what that particular song is for what particular mood you’re in depends only on you. … <p> <a class=&...

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Why do I create?

Creativity, by its dictionary definition is to use the imagination or original ideas to create something. Sounds exciting? Definitely. However, I’d argue there’s so much more to it than that.… ...

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AI: The future of digital marketing?

Following the most recent Google Ads match type updates & updates to the search term report, alongside Apple’s iOS 14 tracking updates, a lot of Marketer’s are wondering how the… <p>...

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What is Marketing?

Marketing is… Marketing is one of those things, a little bit like the secret service, everyone knows it’s ‘a thing’ but a lot fewer people know what it ACTUALLY entails.… <p> <a class...